Wednesday, March 03, 2004

LoL#45: LoLapaSEUSSa

Greetings my readers of this LoL!*
I thank you for reading, I've a great deal to tell.
Yesterday marked the birthday of a doctor named Seuss**
And in honor of him I've got rhymes on the loose!

Things in my life have been normal, you see,
But there's never much "normal" about life when you're me.....

Birthdays galore made February quite sweet
Chocolate cakes and ice cream were the much favored treat.
See, my brother, his wife, and the whole clan Guerrero
All have their b-days the month after "Enero".***

As for work, all is well and my cells are all happy
I'm still sad when I kill mice - does that make me sappy?
But it's for a good cause, one quite noble, I'll say!
I really do think we'll cure cancer someday.

Who would have thought, I would so love this lab?
After one point five years it's anything but drab!
It seems every month I learn something new,
I'll prob'ly stay here one more year, maybe two!

After that, who knows, but my future is bright.
Back to school? Into teaching? Whatever seems right.
I'm open to much with no need to decide,
'Cause for now in my life I'm enjoying the ride!

Things at church are cool, though my students are spastic
Next weekend in St. Louis should be quite fantastic.
We're goin' to a confrence from Friday to Sunday
(All that time with the kids might make me long for Monday). ;)

It's a trip on a bus so I don't have to drive
And retreats like this one make me feel quite alive.
My seventh grade girls - they all think that I'm odd
But at least they have fun when I teach them 'bout God.

Not much else is new. Not much left to say.
Reply if you like, tell me how was YOUR day?
I assure you it's true I always like to hear
What's going on with my friends far and near.

I've said quite enough for this LoL song
And I know some hate poems that are overly long.
So before I write out stanzas here by the scores
I'll just end this now as......
Seussfully Yours,

lisa :)

* LoL stands for "Lisa on Life" or "Life of Lisa" or "Lisa Online".
** Yesterday March 2, 2004 was the 100th birthday of Dr. Seuss.
*** Enero is Spanish for January.