Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Part 2 (aka "I am not a drug dealer")

I'm kinda stymied with blog topics these days so here's another random gem that might make you laugh/smile a little if you're in a strange enough mood to find it funny.

I just found a scrap of paper on my desk at work with the following written on it:

Meth 25
Acid 10
Concentrate 5
H2O to 50

Lest anyone think I'm a closet drug lord I should explain that it's a recipe for a gel fixative that we use for a procedure called silver staining. The ingredients are Methanol, Acetic Acid, a commercial fixative concentrate and water. Knowing me though, I could see using the back of this scrap of paper to jot down a phone number or something and then shoving it in my purse or pocket. Outside the lab I think notes like that could probably get me in trouble. ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009


For whatever reason Tony decided that he can read the mind of Cubs manager Lou Pinella. Along with his latest voice impression of our favorite skipper, Tony had this insight to share:

"What am I gonna do with Fukudome?"

Hey, I warned you it was random.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Watched the Watchmen

I went to see the movie Watchmen this weekend. For fans of the Alan Moore work, it's a must see and though I've long preferred Neil Gaiman over Moore in the dark and disturbing graphic novel genre, it was a pretty cool movie. It has a good mix of dynamic characters, political intrigue, superhero special effects and some kick-butt martial arts fight scenes. It also very much earns its R rating so I have to recommend it with reservations. Much of what was implied in the book version is shown in graphic detail on the large screen and if I were the editor there are certainly scenes I could have done without - but knowing the target audience it's not surprising how much was gratuitously included. Nevertheless, it was a really well done film.

One of the most interesting parts for me was that although the film followed the graphic novel practically scene-by-scene, it brought much more depth to Moore's work by the inclusion of music. On watching the opening credits - a montage of partially still scenes lifted directly from the original pen and inks - a smile crept across my face at the brilliance of the music choice. I became acutely aware just then of how silent a process reading actually is. Even in a graphic novel, presented with perfect visuals of what each character looked like, I never fully thought about what each one would sound like - let alone what the soundtrack of their adventures would be. I'm not always a fan of book-to-movie translations (yes, I'm the one who typically whines "the book was soooo much better!") but in this case the media of film added a new dimension and enhancement to the book that can allow enjoyment of the story for long time fans and newcomers to the franchise alike.