Tuesday, August 27, 2002

LOL #1: It Starts...

Greetings and welcome to the official LoL e-mail list. (LoL = Life of Lisa) Some of you have voluntarily added yourselves to this list, others were added by default! Regardless, I guess this is part one. But as with any e-mail series - a few disclaimers to start with:

Disclaimer #1: The ramblings and opinions expressed in this and all future LoL e-mails are nothing more (or less!) than the byproduct of my strange and caffinated not quite 22-year-old mind. I herby promise to be truthful about my thoughts/emotions to all of you but be forewarned that what I'm thinking one minute is liable to change from day to day...I mean from hour to hour...no wait, let's make that minute to minute....uh....yeah you get the idea.

Disclaimer #2: I'll try to never again use such formalities as "hereby".

Disclaimer #3: Anyone can be added to/removed from this list at any time by e-mailing me with your request without fear of offending me in any way. I know I tend to get a bit verbous at times so I'll try not to make these too long and keep them at least mildly entertaining.

Disclaimer #5: I'm not very good at counting. ;)

Disclaimer #6 (or 5): In case you're wondering why this is "LoL #1" the whole numbering system is a direct theft from the nswbitclem's and TL's (& CTL's & OTL's) but I'm betting I have Darkknight's forgiveness and Tolbert already gave me kudos for the lunch bunch series.

Anywho....now that THAT's all out of the way let the insanity begin!!

In case anyone hasn't heard (yeah right!) I'm working at Northwestern University in Chicago right now. I'm helping to cure cancer. Isn't that cool?? It actually makes me sound much more important than I am. I really just work as a research assistant in the Cancer Center of Northwestern Memorial Hospital which means I play with DNA and cell cultures all day. My job's spiffy though. The people in my lab are really cool and I get to wear jeans and tennis shoes to work. It's comfy! I always feel weird going to work though because here's me on the train - surrounded by three piece suits, shiny shoes and black coffees... wearing blue jeans with Sketchers and chugging down a Mountain Dew.

My new fun game to play on the train is "Who looks like a celebrity". As the name suggests I sit around and try to find other passengers that look like famous people. I saw a John Cusack wannnabe this afternoon and last week I caught sight of a Peter Jackson (he's the director of Lord of the Rings). Speaking of Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers is my on-train reading material and I am very eagerly awaiting the movie (less than 4 months!!!!).

Oh and as with any good mass e-mail it's shoutout time:
Shoutout to the super spiffy Lauren J cause it's her birthday today!!! Woohoo, Happy 22nd b-day Lauren!!!
Second shoutout goes to Emily H because she's the only person besides Lauren on this list who can appreciate the fact that I ran into Brian Jeselnick (sp?) on the train last week too. He works for Merril-Lynch downtown. We had a fun HS reunion chat. :)

In the brilliant words of Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that. You guys can all let me know if you think of any great games I should play on the train. Also, any of y'all Chambana folk that know when Homecoming weekend is let me know ASAP and I can hopefully be coming down for that. Sorry that this e-mail is lacking in amusement. I'll try to be funnier next time. :p

peace, love, & DNA,

lisa :)

P.S. Quick funny story (well, I think it's funny, you can judge for yourself) : the main doctor (Alex) that I'm working with found a protein that's specifically for preventing tumor growth by stopping the growth of blood vessels (called an angiogenesis inhibitor). Anyway the protien has some really long chemical name thats abbreviated SPARC - pronounced "spark" - so Helen, our lab director nicknamed him Sparky.

...Okay so maybe it's not that funny of a story but you have to admit that it's kind of amusing to work in a research lab for a doctor called Sparky....

...or maybe I just have a bizzare sense of humor.

Either way, love to all y'all!!!! Till next time...


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