Wednesday, September 18, 2002

LoL#4: Dave Barry, The Clubs, & Red Fusion

Another week another crazy mass e-mail from me! I've once again updated my address book which means that there are new people added to this list who have no clue what they're getting into.

[To recap: LoL = "Life of Lisa" or "Lisa on Life" and it's my crazy once a week or so update consisting of random quasi-pointless rambling on anything, everything or nothing that's going on in my life (or lack thereof). "Subscriptions" (?) can be added or canceled at anytime by simply e-mailing me with the request of "Attempt to Amuse Me" or "Please stop inundating me with your insanity".]

That's what you're getting (or have unwillingly gotten yourself) into. Here's this week's insanity:

So I was reading a Dave Barry article in the Chicago Tribune Magazine the other day (my new favorite part of the Sunday paper) and it was one of the funniest Dave Barry's I've read in a long time. First of all Dave Barry just cracks me up. Maybe that's why I started this whole rambling insanity thing in the first place - an ultimate attempt to find amusement in the overly ordinary. :) But anyway the article centered around the fact that two guys invented a holiday for September 19th. Seeing as how this day is tomorrow, I just had to share with you all wishes for a very happy "Talk Like A Pirate Day". Here's a link to the story if anyone wants to read it.,1713,BDC_2404_1401011,00.html

And you probably have to cut and paste that cause I don't know if the link came through. It's really funny though...or else I just need more sleep and less coffee. Actually I'm on a pretty major sugar high today. It was a Journal Club Day. Journal Club is when every other week a bunch of the people on our floor (aka the Cancer Center) get together to hear one of the doctors or PHD students give a presentation on a recent medical journal article relating to cancer research. I definitely won't bore y'all with the details but it really is pretty fascinating stuff. Plus the presenters bring in cookies. (hence the sugar high tie in...that really wasn't a totally unrelated topic jump). Anywho, today one of the women I normally eat lunch with did her presentation (a really cool grad student named Kulsoom) on prostate and breast cancer and a study involving a protein called "trastuzumab". (pronounced: tras-TOO-zoo-mab) Isn't that the coolest word ever?? It's so fun to say!! Your challenge is now to use it in a sentence and you get bonus cool points if you use it on Talk like a Pirate Day. (Avast ye matey I be learnin about trastuzumab today!...or...not.)

Even better than Journal Club though is Dessert Club. Every thursday someone in our lunch group brings dessert for our entire table. Requirements are that it can be hommade or storebought but t has to be moderatly to sickeningly sweet and chocolate is always a plus! And you people wonder why I love my job... ;)

The only other thing I can think to rant about that sort of goes with my sugar high theme is that I finally tried Dr. Pepper Red Fusion. It's....interesting. And by interesting I mean it tastes sort of like someone got a case of Robitussin and exploded it (napalm style?) in a Dr. Pepper factory. But that's just my opinion. If anyone's a die hard Dr. P fan please try it for yourselves and let me know what you think.

There's a ton more I could say right now cause I had a wonderfully insane weekend and have a bunch more silly stories to share (like why my sister now has a pet turtle named Steve) but I'm gonna cut myself off here and save the rest for another edition which if I'm bored enough might come out later this week. ;)
Til then take care and have a Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day tomorrow!

trastuzumabfully yours,

lisa :)

P.S. DOH!! I forgot the shoutouts!!! Last minute shoutouts to the super spiffy Erika, Colleen, and Maria for sending extra spiffy replys to my last e-mail. You ladies rock!!! And a shoutout to Natalie U too cause I think your long lost twin works in my building - I did a major double take in the cafeteria!

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