Friday, January 28, 2005

LoL #51: Hits and Mrs!

Hi! Hi!! HI!!!!!

Wow! It's been so long since I've had the time to write one of these I don't even know where to begin! (Actually the Christmas LoL still remains in my Drafts box unfinished and unsent... oops! Uhh.... Happy Belated Holidays!!!) But yeah the season kind of got away from me.... there was this whole wedding thing going on.... :)

[Gushing time: Yeah! I got married! The wedding was awesome - you can check out some of the pics if you want at There's something really nuts about having gotten married on Dec. 31st too because you know that adjustment that comes with every January when you can't rember what year it is and you still write the old year on your checks? Well imagine that except I got a new year, address, phone number and NAME!!! Talk about mass confusion!! I'm a Guerrero - forever elbakerone but now with a new last name and place to live! Which reminds me for anyone who's missing the new addy it's ***edited for privacy*** new phone number's at the bottom in my sig file. But I'm not going to make any cheesy overly corny statements about the dramatic differences in my life now that I'm married a la "Marraige has taught me a whole new definition of the word love!!!" Puke puke gag and barf! That's so not me. Only thing I will say is that Tony remains a true best friend but now bears the title of husband as well! And I'll also say that Maui rocked my world. Go there. It's awesome. Enough said.]

But yeah now it's back to life *somewhat* as usual. I got majorly sick last weekend (thank you Chicago winter!) but I'm feeling better now except that lately I'm a ticking time bomb of static electricity. I don't know that those facts are at all related but when have I ever needed an excuse for a not so smooth transition? But yeah, about the static thing - it's really awful. I'm like the guy in Office Space who's been cruelly conditioned to hesitate before touching the door handle and have been shocking myself on anything and everything metallic that I contact in the lab, condo, car, bus or train. If there were some way to harness all this electricity I think I could make bigger headlines than the new Ford Escape Hybrid for my contributions towards the elimination of our country's dependance on fossil fuels.

On a totally unrelated note (oh sure act surprised) you all need to go see the movie Hotel Rowanda and you all need to take everyone you know to go see this movie too. It's one of the most powerful films I've seen in years and by ashamedly admitting how ignorant of world events I was in the 90's I'll say it's an eye-opener and deserves every Oscar it's nominated for (especially for acting! Don Cheadle: who knew?!?!???).

I guess I'll keep this breif for now since it's been so long since y'all have heard anything from me and you might have grown unaccustomed to my ramblings. Hope all is great with all of you and that your 2005 is off to a terriffic start!

Guerrerofully Yours,

lisa :)

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