Tuesday, December 03, 2002

LoL #15: Grettings from SnowGlobe Central!

I'm assuming this is the first time you've all gotten a little hello from someone on the INSIDE of a giant Snowglobe.

Yes, Chicago has become an amazing winter wonderland which would be great except that traffic delays are now being counted in days instead of minutes. Not that it effects me too much, I'm Metra Girl - that's my wannabe Superhero name. It's cool though because all the buildings where I work are connected by skyways so when I walk to lunch and there's snow blowing all around I feel like I'm actually in a Snowglobe...minus the weird shaking upside down part. And actually if I was in a snowglobe scene I'd be the little snowman out in front of the house with my stick arms waving and my coal mouth smiling... no particular reason there, I just think snowmen are cool. I have this idea for a cartoon that my sister Laura's gonna draw for me: There's a snowman out in the snow (cause that's where snowmen go!) and he's saying "Two roads diverged in the snow and I took the road less traveled..." and then the caption is "Robert Frosty the Snowman".

hee hee.... ummmm.... or not....

By the way, hi to Beth for just now being added to my list. (This is my weekly random e-mail list LoL=Lisa on Life) Beth is another one of my super spiffy crazy cousins and is the second actual relative of mine on this list (her sister Jenny was the first) I'm asssuming she won't mind me spamming her once a week or so, right?? :)

I'm also assuming that by now you've all noticed and laughed at my awful misspelling of the word "Greetings" in the subject line. What the heck is a "gretting"?!?? Oh well, I guess grettings to everyone who can't speel. ;)

But back to snow... (cue Bing, Danny, Rosemary and that other girl in four part harmony: "SNOW")... it's semi-blizzardy outside. And I'm not talking about the Dairy Queen dessert. Although that would be much more enjoyable. Snow should be flavored like DQ soft serve ice cream. That would rock. And for everyone who thinks that's crazy please note that this is a slightly more sane suggestion than my quote last night on the fact that I would enjoy snow more if it weren't so wet which spawned the idea that snow should be cold fluffy cotton falling from the sky (instead of building snowmen we'd all just go outside and stuff pillows....or not...).

Change of subject time: I have a feeling that I've missed, am missing or am going to miss a whole heap of birthday shoutouts. So along with my apologies let me know when y'alls birthdays are. In fact for everyone actually reading this, drop me a reply with when your birthday is and your current address and/or phone number. I'll try to be more organized about these things and I would love some help from y'all to update my address book. On the one hand I think I've done a pretty decent job of keeping up with most of you, on the other hand I have five different fingers.

[Kudos to Sean S. too for a hilarious e-mail of random silly quips like the one I just used. Totally funny stuff!!!]

Oh and for everyone who was curious about my Thanksgiving, it rocked. We had way too much turkey (yes, I had a turkey sandwich for lunch today..) but it was very fun to spend time with family and stuff. It was cool to see some of y'all over break and I wish we all could have hung out a ton more. And shopping on Friday was supreme! Kudos to Karrie for braving the early morning with us too. Kohl's, Target, and most of the major stores in the Fox Valley Mall all before noon! Actually the coolest thing was the freebie radios at Target (at least we HOPE they were free...they were free, right??? RIGHT?!?!???). Don't worry I'm not adding shoplifting to the unseen list of lisa's worst deeds that will permanently remain unseen [wouldn't you all just have a field day with THAT!]. The radios were free but they're really cool pocket size FM scanner radios with earphones. I think they even surpass Rudolph watches as coolest early bird giveaway! Mine is my new best friend for the train commute. Go Mix 101.9!! Down with the evilness of WINDY 100.3!!!!! heh heh.....

Snowglobefully Yours,

lisa :)

p.s. So just in case anyone didn't get some of my random references:
Metra Girl is because "Metra" is the name of the trains from the suburbs to Chicago. Plus I want a superhero nickname so that I can go be on the WB show "Birds of Prey". Yes, I watch that show. Yes, I think my mom and I are the only two people on the planet that actually do. No, my haircut is not an attempt to look like Huntress...that was just an added after the fact bonus ;)
Robert Frost is a poet. He wrote the poem about the road less traveled. He's also famous for the great quote "Something there is, that doesn't love a wall" (but that's another story...) Hence, I thought it would be clever to have a cartoon combining Robert Frost and Frosty the Snowman. Of course, the last time I thought something like this was funny, Lauren and I ended up with "Defrosty the Fridgeman"...
Rudolph watches were the day after Thanksgiving freebie at Montgomery Wards awhile back. They were kind of cheesy but my cousins, sisters and I all thought that they were the coolest things in the world. Of course that's before Wards went bankrupt. Hey, free watches.... bankrupt store.... I wonder.....
Oh and "Bing, Danny, Rosemary, and that other girl" is a reference to the movie White Christmas. (Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney....and that other girl...I NEVER remember her name!) Anyhoo one of the songs in there is all about snow and there's even some bizzarre line about washing your hair in snow or something. I think they were really desperate for a rhyme... but nevertheless it's a great movie.

(hee hee...kudos to everyone who knows why "nevertheless" is funny...)


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