Friday, August 10, 2007

DM of the Rings

Perhaps I just needed a good laugh during a crazy rough week but this site had me cracking up big time. I guess that probably says a little too much about my nerddom with roots in D&D as well as LoTR... (Oh and maybe I should warn you that if you're asking what all the acronyms stand for, there's a good chance you're not going to be amused - but for those that recognize and admire the 20 sided di, by all means, click away!)


Greg said...

I've never actually played D&D, but I did think this page was funny. Perhaps my favorite part was when Frodo says to one of the other hobbits, "You rolled a 5 for intelligence." (On a 20-sided di, that would be pretty bad, right? Heheh.)

Greg said...

Also, I was surprised how long this went on... they put a lot of work into it. Very clever.

lisa :) said...

Yeah 5 out of 20 would be not-so-smart! There's some really funny stuff around the arrival at Edoras too - Monty Python jokes and other general hilarity! (I guess the plan is to follow the whole trilogy so it's gonna be quite the epic when it's done!)