Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Super Bowl's Most Famous Feat...or is it Feet?

Although I wanted to make this post about the Super Bowl a tribute to Mike Tomlin - the youngest coach to win the game - and come up with all sorts of rumors about how he is really the long lost brother of actor Omar Epps, it seems that that topic has already been done before. Instead, I'll focus on an only slightly less overdone topic and talk about the catch that won the game.

Though many players gain great fame from their spectacular last minute awe-inspiring performances, great tribute must be given to the feat - or rather the feet - of Santonio Holmes. With triple coverage and only seconds of game time, Holmes collected a pass from Ben Roethlisberger to the very corner of the end zone and managed to keep both toes on the ground in bounds for the win. I can't even tell you how many replays showed from a multitude of angles that it was in fact a catch, but it might be safe to say that Holmes has the most famous feet of the week. But going back to the man who threw the ball to him, though I had little stake in caring who won the game, part of me was definitely cheering for Roethlisberger. Not only does he have the most fun-to-say name since Plaxico Burress, but part of me feels a little shot of sympathy for him growing up with a name like that. For the amount of times I've been on the phone and had to say "It's r-r-E-r-o" and still have hideous misspellings of my name appear (even by members of my own family!) - I can only imagine the trouble that Ben has been coping with all his life.

Congratulations Steelers and congrats to the Cardinals, for making it a well-played and very exciting game. Congratulations to Santonio Holmes for keeping his feet just right and congratulations to everyone who spelled Roethlisberger correctly. You can all go to Disneyland with Bruce Springsteen now.

The rest of us will wait out the next few weeks of bitter Chicago winter with just one thing in mind - "Is Spring Training here yet???"


Greg said...

That was an amazing catch (and throw for that matter). When I saw it I actually didn't get too excited because I thought for sure he was out of bounds. Then when the ref signaled touchdown, I was like, "Whoa, I've got to see this replay!"

Interestingly enough, both Roethlisberger and Holmes played their college football in Ohio. Big Ben went to Miami University and Holmes went to THE Ohio State University.

And just think, Springsteen, Holmes, and Roethlisberger are all probably sharing a ride on Space Mountain right about now...

Ellen/Ellie/El said...


Oh, and as for the Steelers, kind of a dirty game. If a team is good enough to get to the SuperBowl they should play like good sports.

And those are my two statements about sports for today.

x-ray chick said...

Spring Training always means spring isn't far behind.
Great post Lisa.
Now if only I were at Disney.