Thursday, October 09, 2003

LoL#41: Children's Literature

Most of you know that my favorite author is R.A. Salvatore and as much as I am anticipating his most recent novel due out sometime this month, I have to stop and remember a time when I was much more a fan of mystery novels than of fantasy. With the example set by Nancy Drew, Cam Jensen and even the Sweet Valley Twins, part of me wanted to be Lisa B: Detective of Mill Street School. Actually my favorite series of cheesy childhood mystery novels was the Encyclopedia Brown series. Hopefully I'm not the only one who remembers those. [For those who missed out, he was this super smart kid that used his knowledge of random facts to solve your typical neighboorhood dilemna] Anyhoo, I think as a tribute to my favorite fictional childhood genius I'm going to write my own EB mystery: "Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Jiggabuns". I'm predicting that it'll hit the NY Times Best Seller list within a week of release.

Then again, my schedule and writing talents may limit me from persuing fame a la J.K. Rowling, but seriously, what ever happened to Jiggabuns? If at this point in this message you're writing me off as "on drugs" or just plain delusional, let me fill you in on a brief history. Jiggabuns is a letter. At least, it's trying to be a letter. See, there's a group of students at the U of I that decided that they wanted to add a new letter to the alphabet. This letter, called jiggabuns, would be inserted into the alphabet beween J and K. I can't show you what it looks like cause there's obviously no jiggabuns on my keyboard. The basic use of this letter - pronounced with the sound jigga - is that when placed in front of an existing word or name it indicates emphasis or coolness (i.e. "That's jiggalicious","Jiggawhat?", "Jiggayikes", and "Jiggajason and Jiggajessica got jiggamarried in Jiggajuly"). Although it sounds like something I would be loony enough to be involved in, I actually have no direct affiliations with the students who invented Jiggbuns, but nevertheless I think the whole thing is hilarious. I first heard about the whole "Jiggabuns Foundation" in the fall of 2001 and for a while it seemed that everything was jiggathis or jiggathat, but there was then a steady decline in the jiggause of this great new letter which prompted me on to stop and consider the ultimate question "Whatever happened to the Jiggabuns"? I can only hope that the plight to add Jiggabuns to the English language is still running strong and hey, maybe even some of you outside of U of I will now try to spread the knowledge of this future eleventh letter of the alphabet. Until then I think I'll just take my "Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Jiggabuns" idea and send it to ABC with hopes that it will be made into an after school special starring Candace Cameron, Jonathan Brandis, and Pauly Shore.

And now my true curiousity has prompted me to actually do a Google search on "Jiggabuns" and it seems that the Jiggabuns Foundation at U of I is actually doing quite well these days. Perhaps this is a fitting end to my mystery novel and I can move on to secondary cases such as whatever happened to Candace Cameron, Jonathan Brandis and Pauly Shore? Actually I think it's safe to assume that nobody REALLY cares what happened to them so I can feel free to move on to more important news. News like how awesome the Cubs are doing!!!! Actually what's even cooler news than the Cubs (hard to believe there is such an announcement) but get this.....DRUMROLL oldest sister Anne is pregnant!!! Isn't that the jiggacoolest??? This'll be my sister and brother-in-law's first kid but my parents second grandchild (you may recall hearing about my brother and sister-in-law's daughter Ashley, she's eighteen months old and if you're confused at this point just keep in mind that the B clan really is quite massive). But anyhoo when my sister and brother-in-law made the annoucement I was flashing back to when my neice was being born and they didn't know if they were having a boy or a girl so the rest of us were all sitting in the waiting area taking bets on baby gender and time of birth. It was funny cause I remember someone (I can't remember who but I guess it's better to spare them the embarrasment) asking me "Do you want to be an aunt or uncle?" - they meant to ask if I would rather have a neice or nephew! But it was really funny too cause we were all so hyper and excited that I think before I even corrected the question I responded "Either one's fine with me!". Needless to say I am now super excited about being an AUNT again and all prayers for a safe pregnancy and healthy baby are much appreciated!

Well, I suppose this has been more than enough jiggaloopiness for now! I will be in Champaign for Homecoming weekend (Oct. 24-26th) so if anyone wants to make plans - or come to the game with us!!! - that's super jiggalicious!

Encyclopedia Jiggabrownfully Yours,

auntie lisa :)

p.s. This message is brought to you by the number Dew and the letters "Jiggabuns" and "Deck Stain"!!!
p.p.s. Happy Birthday to the super spiffy Heather M and every other cool person with an October birthday that I'm forgetting right now!!

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