Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bathroom on the Rock

As many of you know, this holiday season Tony and I took a super awesome trip to House on the Rock in Spring Green, WI. I've been wanting to post my pictures for some time now but due to computer and blogger issues I'm just now getting around to it. Here's a few of them (finally!). The only way to describe the place in a single word is to call it eclectic and since I couldn't very well publish a whole memory card full of images here I thought I'd showcase a few interesting shots. I recommend the website (linked above) if you want to see the famous carousel or the awesome infinity room. But since you'd expect anything but a typical travel log from yours truly, I thought I'd take you on a photographic tour of The House on the Rock bathrooms.

Yes. You read that right. It's a photographic tour of the attraction's bathrooms. See, with a place as vast as Alex Jordan's Wisconsin gem, there's things to see even on your way to - and inside - the restrooms. This stunning glass collection took up one whole wall of the first ladies room on the tour.

This was a picture of what I called the "Flower Headed Mannequin Gypsies". They were elegantly posed above the sinks in the ladies room by the restaurant. And yes, their heads are bouquets of silk flowers. No, I couldn't tell you why.

These are the bears that were frighteningly prevalent in the men's room by the restaurant. Or so I was told. Tony took this one.

This was the doll and dollhouse display that was in another women's washroom. And to save this being impossibly long I'll stop here. If you've never been to House on the Rock these pictures barely do it justice but hopefully in seeing the bathrooms only you get an idea of what a random and intriguing place it is.

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