Friday, February 03, 2006

Something to Blog About

I found an interesting article on MSN about world health and global obesity problems and there was a quote out of it that I thought was most intriguing:
The average height of an American woman, for example, is 5 feet 4 inches, and the average weight is 164.3 pounds, according to a study released in 2004 by the National Center for Health Statistics.
This might not resonate with the guys reading this, but ladies, take a moment to stop and think about that one. 5'4" 164.3 pounds. That's average. Maybe it sounds a lot closer to you than you thought "average" would or maybe you suddenly realize you're taller or thinner than most of the women in this country. Whatever the case, real "average" sure as heck ain't the size 2 that's plastered coast to coast on magazine covers, billboards, and subway signs. How many actresses can you think of that are 5'4" 164.3 lbs? It's a lot shorter and curvier than any red carpet event I've ever seen. Consider this a nice little reminder of what "average" really is and let's all readjust our expectation paradigms accordingly.

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