Thursday, November 09, 2006

That Certain Song

You know how there's certain songs that you can hear over and over and never get sick of? Especially older songs that you don't hear that often and then you hear it again and you wish that it was on the radio a TON more than it is? I just heard my Number 2* song like that on the radio (three cheers for 104.3 Jack FM for playing it) it's the off-genre song Silent Lucidity from the heavy metal band Queensryche and just hearing the opening bars of it literally gives me chills. The lyrics are as haunting as the melody and although some fans argue it's a metaphor for a drug trip, the band members have attested that it's straight forward about that moment in sleep when you realize you're dreaming and have the power to turn a nightmare into a sweet dream.

Can't explain my love for the song outside of the fact that it could soundtrack a Neil Gaiman graphic novel or maybe it's just my somewhat unhealthy obsession with power ballads. Oh yes, I admit it. I love the Power Ballad. You know the one, the heavy metal band's song that's neither heavy nor metal but marks the moment in the concert when you really wish you had a lighter. Is it the fact that singers normally drowned out by guitar riffs are suddenly revealed to have great vocals? Is it the cheesy lyrics that are ripe with raw emotion even though they're dripping with sap? Like I said, it's an unhealthy obsession and I can't fight this feeling. In fact, it's more than a feeling! I mean, what can I do? Every rose has it's thorn. I guess I just love power ballads and really, nothing else matters.

*My number one favorite song is and always will be Livin' On a Prayer by Bon Jovi. There's just no changing some things.

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Anonymous said...

When you're alone you ask yourself
what are you searching for?
Deep in the night a dream is born
one that you can't ignore.
If you think you can find the passion, and you're ready to take a chance. If you really believe you can make it, then the power is in your own hands! It's the moment of Truth.