Sunday, February 04, 2007

60 Second Super Bowl

"OH! Devin Hester!!! We love you!!! Devin is Heaven!! AWWWW YEAH!!!"

"Ugh - what was that?? Hello?!?? Where is our Defense?? HA! They bobbled the snap! Yes yes yes - Bears are still on top!!"

"And let's just tack on another seven points for good measure!!! Bear Down Chicago Bears...."

"This is gonna be a high scoring game! These teams are so equally matched! What?!? Where is our defense at and WHAT is with all these turnovers?!??? At least they held them to a field goal..."

"Now can our offense PLEASE put something together??? Do I hear first down??? WHY am I not hearing anything about first downs????"

"AGHHH!!! I WISH they had held them to a field goal!!!! This is NOT the way to end a half, people!!!!"

"Okay new half. Hopefully they got a good pep talk and why the heck are THEY SCORING AGAIN?!???!!"

"AND AGAIN??!??!"

"Come on guys... let's get the ball down the field... Can we get a touch down??? PLEEEEASE??? PLEEEEAASE???!!! *sigh* At least we all remember why we love Robbie Gould...."

"Now let's see our defense is finally stepping up to the plate now if we can just hang in their and - OH NO!!! Was he out of bounds??? Was he *please* out of bounds??? Let's see a few more replays maybe just maybe...."

"Good night folks, time to go cry ourselves to sleep with dreams of next year."

"Better to have Super Bowled and lost than never to have Super Bowled at all."

"And remember, we'll always have that amazing first quarter."

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Greg said...

Oh, the memories... I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at this post. I already laughed, so I guess that's my answer. =)