Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Analogy Time...

It's time to play the analogy game! For those that need a refresher course,

dog : bark :: cat : meow

Dog is to Bark as Cat is to Meow, because Bark is the sound that Dogs make and Meow is the sound that Cats make get it? Okay here's the real test, see the comment section for the answer.

Mexican : Taco Bell :: Irish : ___________

(*And yes this analogy did arrive because it's almost St. Patrick's Day and this red-haired green-eyed freckle-faced Irish girl got hitched to a spicy fiesta-minded south-of-the-border man.)


lisa :) said...

If you guessed the McDonald's specialty known as the "Shamrock Shake" you are absolutely correct! (Partial credit will, however, be awarded if your answer was "Green Beer".) Yes, isn't it wonderful to see how the fast food mega-giants of this world have corrupted and bastardized culture at every opportunity possible? Not only have our heritages been overly tainted with these forms of quasi-cuisine, but what's worse is that we actually enjoy them!

Greg said...

Hmm... at the risk of sounding silly, I did not guess "Shamrock Shake" as the answer. I thought "McDonald's" was the answer! Am I wrong or just being too picky? (I never was good at analogies... *sigh*)

lisa :) said...

Good point Greg. Okay, technically the answer should have been a restaurant since by the rules of logic Taco Bell is a "restaurant" that serves cheap-ass quasi-Mexican food (that I ashamedly really, really like). But I guess I was thinking more that Taco Bell overall is an example of a fast food company playing to the appeal of Americans wanting a sampling of Mexican culture where as the St. Patty's seasonal Shamrock Shake is a similar substitute for the shameless marketing of something "Irish". Maybe it should have gone: Mexican : Taco Bell Enchirrito :: Irish : McDonald's Shamrock Shake.

Greg said...

That reminds me, I need to get one of those Shamrock Shakes before it's too late!

BTW, here's another analogy:

Stupid:Plagiarizing College Admission Essay From Internet::Jackass:____________________

Click here for the answer.

lisa :) said...


And ouch!