Friday, March 16, 2007


I'm taking on a new venture of archiving! Cue dramatic archiving music! (...What do you mean there's no dramatic archiving music? Note to self, compose dramatic archiving music!)
Those that have been privy to my ramblings in the pre-blogging days - the days before "Randsanity" was even a word - remember a little thing called The LOL*. Besides the typical "laugh out loud", LOL also stood for "Life of Lisa", "Lisa on Life" or in its more sporadic days "Lisa Online". It was a weekly, then monthly, then semi-annual email out to friends and family that contained my random ponderings on work, life, and everything mundane and observation-worthy around me. And so it is with great effort and joys, I begin the process of converting those old emails (which were saved in my Hotmail LOL folder) to blogs. I'm tagging as I add them to keep them more incorporated with Blogger Arrow, but to view only them there's an added LOL tag. They can also be accessed via the date - check the year 2002 for now, '03 and '04 will be added eventually - this also explains any confusion that may arise from seeing posts of mine from 2002 when my Blogger profile boasts "Member since September 2005". The advantage of this over previous attempts at an LOL archive is that the dates shown reflect the date the message was originally sent, and thus they paint a somewhat adequate picture of my life in my first few years out of college. Not sure if anyone will waste their time reading them but if nothing else there's some landmark moments in my life (my first few months at NU, starting to date Tony, midnight showings of the LotR trilogy, inventing the word Randsanity, etc.) as well as amusing pop culture references from the early 2000's (Pepsi Blue, anyone?). In a way it's like opening my own little time-capsule, without all the dirt and fuss of "Where the heck did I bury that?" and "Why the heck did I put that in there?". Enjoy!

*And those that have been privy to my ramblings for a very VERY long time will even recall the lunch bunch emails that spawned the LOL but unfortunately those have been lost forever to cyberspace and my UIUC email address.

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