Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Oh yes. It's one of those years. Those years where spring is but a teasing joke to mock us all. Was it really just two weeks ago that I was wearing a tank top and pondering my slight glow of a sunburn in 79 degree heat? And now I'm starting my morning with the realization that the rain storms that woke me in the middle of the night faded in sound not because they were blowing through the area, but rather because they were freezing into a much more sinister form of precipitation! Leaving the house was the equivalent of stomping through a slushee factory and waiting for the bus in near blizzard conditions was far from pleasant (seriously, the only blizzards I EVER want in April are the Dairy Queen variety) - but there is a definite bright side to this equation.

Granted I'm fearing the frigid tundra that will be Wrigleyville for the Cubs tickets I have this weekend, but on the subject of baseball I can take all this slush and sleet as quite a good omen (not to be confused with a good Ohman - that I'm also hoping for). See, the last time Chicago recorded crazy snowfalls in April was in the "spring" of 2003. Although this resulted in a snowed out Opening Day, it led to one of the best Cubbie seasons in recent history. (Only a few outs away from the Series... thou shalt not remind thyself of Bartman...) So with plenty of snow (and Soriano!) I'll hope that this can only mean good things for my northside boys in blue.

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