Thursday, November 01, 2007

LisaWriMo: Hit the ground Running!

Okay well NaNoWriMo started today and though I wasn't in the group that began at midnight, I was scribbling away on the train this morning. I'm up to 1,053 words (goal is around 2000/day) so I'm feeling like that's a good start. Check in HERE throughout the month to see my progress. You'll find my current word count and you can also get a brief (*very brief*) excerpt of my writing that I'll try to update every day or so. Thanks to all who wished me luck, I really appreciate the encouragement. And super awesome thanks to my Official Writing Buddies - Laura (Starzgirl), Katy (kasjer2911), and Emily (Nekonezumi) - you guys rock my world!!!

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Lauren J-dawg said...

Hey novelist! ;o) Just thought I'd put in that I think it's great that you're writing! Hope everything's going well for you, and good luck with the 2000 words a day (dayamn...)