Thursday, January 02, 2003

LoL#18: Happy Ozone Year!

Some Notes:
For the newbies, I once again updated my e-mail address book so if you're getting this for the first time this is my random somewhat weekly update of my crazy so-called life and the occasionally funny thoughts to come out of it - "LoL" stands for "Lisa on Life". Replys are always appreciated and if you find my lengthy ramblings too annoying let me know and you can get off the list. :)
For the oldie but goodies, I took a couple weeks off there and y'all can read on to see why.

Happy Year of the Ozone!!!!!!!
Don't worry, it's not a warning to go lather yourself in sunscreen with SPF 900 it's the so-called Year of Ozone because it's '03 and the chemical formula for Ozone is O3. (I don't remember if I said it in a previous e-mail or not but last year '02 was The Year of Atmospheric Oxygen - scientific formula O2). Hooray for all us neo-nerds who actually think that's funny!!

Anywho, for those who have been wondering if my lack of e-mails meant that I fell off the face of the earth, I can assure you that I am as spiffy as ever. My Christmas was really sweet and fun and everything a Christmas should be. Good family times. The really fun part of the last couple weeks though was that I used up all my accrued sick days (a grand total of 3!) to take off the time between Christmas and New Year's and went on a trip to Louisville, Kentucky with Illinilife (the church I was involved with at U of I. It was a really cool conference (called Ignite) with really cool speakers (Steve Bush - he rocks!!) really cool worship (Chris Tomlin!!) and above all really cool friends (love y'all lots!!!).

To give you the conference in a nutshell (which would require a very large nut...): city tours, Los Aztecas, sombreros, Waffle House, donut holes, BATMAN!, soft hands, muffin joke, Cheerio, "Hero", mad rush on Starbucks, Kristy Kam, night of worship, Mark Darliphobia, straw wrapper wars, ChipMates - Arrr!, no pudge fudge, Scooby-Jason-Doo, "How've you been Ben?", bubbles in the floor, The Gun Show, Wizard of Oz, Steve Bush stalking, The Mayan Gypsy, reasonably priced...appetizers, wandering ghetto streets, Bread Butts, "I'm sorry Jeffery....", carriage ride, statue climbing, falling off a climbed statue, wet bottoms, "-ness" problems, Brant in monkey form, Old Spaghetti Factory, worship-robics, Bio-Rock, Speed Art Museum, plus a ton and a half of learning, crying, praying, healing, and overall connecting with God in a most awesome way!!

So yeah, I'll highlight a couple of those stories (yes, I fell off a statue...slight wrist sprain...major stupidity point...) in future e-mails, but that's the summary version.

For the sake of being totally random, I just remembered that I have an overdue shoutout to Jigga-Jason with a Congratulations on graduation! And if anyone else gradutated in Dec. and I didn't hear about it, let me know and you too can get a belated shoutout!!! :)

In other news - It's a WHOLE NEW YEAR!!! And today is (un)officially Order Day!! (01/02/03....cause the numbers are in order...) In honor of Order Day everyone has to put something in order (clean a room, balance a checkbook, etc.). You don't really HAVE to, (since I just made this whole thing up), but it'd be funny to put something in order today and then immediately make it disorganized tomorrow since the 1/2/3 is gone tomorrow anyway. But since it is the new year I guess it's time to make some resolutions. And I know in the past I've been the January resolution girl, where once Feb. hits I've forgotten everything I vowed previously, and although it's terribly cliche to say, this year will be different.

Lisa's Resolution #1: The Bible in a Year. I have the guide for it and a couple really cool people attempting it with me. We'll see how it goes and if you want to take on the task with us, let me know!!

Lisa's Resolution #2: Contact. No not the Jodi Foster movie. Contact as in keep in touch better with all you super spiffy people that I miss terribly. Maria, I owe you a phone call, but I think I got a wrong number last time I phoned ya - call me back!!! Sara, Derek, Jacklyn, - haven't heard from any of y'all in forever!! Drop me a line sometime! And to let everyone know, I really do like it when people reply to these. Go ahead and give me the 411 on you - I love to know what cool stuff everyone's up to!!

Lisa's Resolution #3: Be Less Stupid. This is half funny and half serious here. Some of you have heard the whole story of why this is one of my resolutions, but looking back on a not too distant history of statue climbing, pop-can sucking, test rescheduling, syrup drinking, insomniac life of trying to impress people or just appear way cooler than I am, I hereby resolve to be less of a fool. (Note: I'm still destined to be a spazz. I can't quite change the fact that I'm a hyperily energetic caffeine addict with delusions of gradure, I'm just going to be making it a point to save my craziest actions for those times when the glory goes to God. He's the only one worth being a fool for.)

Woah. Okay done rambling now. And yeah you probably all wished that Resolution #4 was "I resolve to discover brevity" but too bad. Why use three words when twenty-eight will make things much more fun and you can even throw in your own made up one's like "Hyperily"? Riiiiight.

For the true minimalists in the audience: Happy New Year.

New Yearfully Yours,

lisa :)

P.S. I just had to share this quote from a Chicago Tribune editorial. It's hilarious and a little too true: "Courtship, like PCP, brings out the hidden reserves of strength and bravery that you didn't know you had. It also makes you do dumb things that end you up in the hospital or jail."

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