Tuesday, February 25, 2003

LoL#25:I can't believe it's not bitter!

Okay so that's my own little pun implying that some of my more recent ramblings have strayed from my original intent of a positive and positively humorous random outlook on this thing called life.

So in case you all were terribly sad at not hearing from me last week, I got a little swamped with work and church stuff. Both of which are going quite well right now. Student Community (aka the student ministries at Community Christian Church) is getting ready for this thing called Project Serve - which is a massive day of service projects in May that's a fundraiser for the ministries - and it looks like this year is going to be about ten times larger than last (going from 15 volunteers to 150!)

The most surprising thing about it all, though, is that yours truly is somehow in charge of it. Well, technically, I'm second-in-command but I'm overseeing a large chunk of the administrative and communication aspects of it. As of now I pretty much have no clue what I'm doing (and I half wonder why I end up being trusted with leadership roles in the first place...heh heh...) but the people working with me are super encouraging and have worked on this project for the past 2 years. I'm excited. I think it will be cool.

I have to pause for a second here to give an apology/shoutout to Heidi E (aka Hiiii-deeeeeeee....j/k!) because in my ranting about V-Day I forgot to mention that Feb 14 is her birthday!!! Happy B-Day on V-Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! And while I'm on the subject of birthdays, happy birthday this Thusday to the super spiffy Tony "Ant-nee" G (who reminded us on Friday why we originally coined the phrase "Tony Time" ...hee hee j/k)

So yeah, I was watching part of the Grammy Awards last night. It looked like Norah Jones was walking away with quite a slew of little gold phonographs and all I can say is "I Don't Know Why" everyone likes that song! Personally I find her annoying to the same degree as Michael Bolton and Kenny G. but they probably won lots of Grammys too. The three of them should collaborate on an album that would instantly go to the top of the best selling charts of "Music To Be Played In Dentist Offices and Elevators". Oh well. Anyone who wants to can join my "Avril Lavigne is Much Cooler" anti-Norah club. Or you can write me a three page dissertation style reply to this about why you love Norah and think she deserved every award she got. In that case I'll just laugh at you.

Just Kidding. I guess that lst paragraph kind of destroys my "can't believe it's not bitter" subject. I really don't have an Anti-Norah club. I do have a COPPs club though (and a shoutout to "Roxie" who knows what it stands for cause she's a COPP too).

Okay this e-mail is really boring. The only funny work story I have to tell involves an Australian Bill Gates. It's not that hilarious but for lack of anything funnier right now, here goes. The main computer in our lab is always having problems with Microsoft Office programs (yes, "Auto Format" is the single most helpful and annoying feature ever invented) so Helen, our lab manager, is always complaining about "Bill Gates Problems" (linking Access and Excel files was exceptionally problematic). Anyhoo, later on we got a document sent to us for editing and collabarating on and it was from Australia. It must have had some sort of virus or weird format protection on it because every time changes were made the whole computer froze up or crashed. needless to say, every computer problem in our lab was explained with "Blame Bill Gates" or "Blame Australia" [no offense, Beth ;) ] It was then that we developed the conspiracy theory that Bill Gates might really be Australian and can be blamed for every technology issue we have from now on.

Wow. That's pretty bitter as well. For the sake of ending on a non-bitter note - I'll be in Champaign-Urbana (aka Shampoo-Banana) for a little while this weekend! Yay! Woohoo for visiting Chambana! Cool beans if anyone wants to hangout call my cell (the number's in my sig file below!)

Not Bitterfully Yours,

lisa :)

p.s. I promise that my next LoL will be much more worth the read and much less a total waste of your time and inbox space!!

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