Thursday, March 20, 2003

LoL#27: We're live in 5,4,3, (2...1....)

Coming to you live from the mind of Lisa B it's the Not So Late Show with Lisa B! Our special guest today is Lisa B! Let's welcome our host Lisa Baker!!!

Thanks Mr. Imaginary Announcer Dude!! Thank you all for joining me tonight as well, I'm Lisa B and welcome to the Not So Late Show. I wanna bring out my first (and only) guest of the evening - a close personal friend of mind and, I don't think she'd mind me saying this, a total lunatic of a girl. Please welcome Lisa B!

Thanks Lisa, glad to be here!

And how are you doing tonight, Lisa?

Quite well, actually. Especially considering all the crazy stuff going on in the news right now.

Yeah, let's talk for a minute about that. It looks like we're officially in the midst of the second Gulf War. The bombing of Baghdad last night was an image I'm sure none of us will soon forget. Definitely scary stuff. Meanwhile Chicago tonight is teeming with anti-war protesters.

That's right Lisa. Lake Shore Drive was actually closed down this evening.

Now how is this affecting your work plans for tomorrow?

Well, luckily my bus doesn't take Lake Shore to get to the hospital, although most of my lab group does use that route. I heard that protesters were marching along Michigan Avenue and if activity keeps up tomorrow at the intersection of Michigan and Chicago I may have difficulty getting to work. My only hope at this point is that none of it turns violent.

I see. What are your thoughts on the anti-war movements as a whole?

Tough question. I understand their point of view, but I really feel that the time for "let's not go to war" sentiments is over. We've past that point, people, we are at war and disagreeing with it is fine but in all honesty, public opinion is not going to change what's going on. Any way we can get a lighter topic to discuss here??

Hmmm. Illini basketball's doing quite well.

Heh heh. Yeah. Not such a great transition there, but yeah, the boys are rockin it up. There's a March Madness pool at my work, which I didn't officially enter, but I've been very vocal about my hopes for Illini All The Way. I'll be catching a lot of flack if the boys lose.

On a totally different note, the LoL's have been severely lacking in shoutouts lately. Do you want to do anything to remedy that?

Yeah. Totally. I have major overdue birthday shoutouts going to the super spiffy Stacey "slovett" Lovett and the always awesome Jigga Jessica D. Sorry I'm a little late ladies but hope you both had great b-days!! :)

Anyone else you're forgetting?

Probably, but I'll just have to apologize later. My mind is on eighty different tracks these days.

Why's that?

Well, you know work's been pretty busy. And then last weekend was just way too much fun and I didn't sleep near enough...

Sounds like you were quite the partying gal?

Not really but I was down in Champaign and it was just an all out great time. Entertainment Night majorly rocked!

Entertainment Night?

Yeah it's illinilife's yearly variety show. As they like to say "Entertainment Night: There's a reason it's not called a talent show!"

So what were your favorite acts of the evening?

Igor's poetry reading and Kristy, Heather, Erika and Laura's "Friends" video!!!

Are you just saying that cause those were the acts by members of your i-team last year?

Yeah maybe, but they were really awesome! ;)

What else did you do in Champaign?

Mostly just hung out with super cool people that I don't see enough of these days. And I drank way too much.

I didn't think you were much of a drinker.

No I mean I drank too much caffeine! I think my grand total for the weekend came to 184 ounces of Mountain Dew alone. Plus some coffee, diet coke, vanilla coke, cherry coke....

Wow. That's uhh...dangerous yet impressive.

Thanks I think my hands are still shaking!

So you said you've got a lot on your plate these days, what else is new?

Well, I'm hard at work organizing the serve-a-thon we're doing at church. I've finally got a pretty good handle on that. And I did something really crazy today...

What's that?

I registered for the MCAT.

That's the Medical College Admissions Test, right?

Yeah. It's on April 26th which frighteningly enough is only a little more than a month away. I've been studying a little on the train, but I plan to kick it into high gear (as Emril would say: Take it up a notch - BAM!) over the next couple weeks. The registration alone almost sent me into panic attack mode, but for now it's all about baby steps. First step sign up to register, second step complete the registration. Check and check. Next step, super study, final step take the test!

Then apply to med schools.

Well yeah.

So now Lisa, I really have to ask, why in the world are you composing this e-mail as an imaginary interview with yourself?

Good question Lisa, I was actually just about to ask you the same thing.

Well, I suppose if you can write an entire e-mail from the perspective of your nose, there's nothing too loony about interviewing yourself.

True, except the whole thing is pretty loony. I think I've just been watching too many Late Night TV talk shows. I mean seriously, if Jimmy Kimmel can have a network Late Show than I can justify the fact that I deserve my own imaginary Not So Late Show.

There's only one problem.

What's that?

We've sort of passed the point of Not So Late. You've officially reached the Letterman/Leno hour.

Then I guess there's only one thing to do.

What's that?

Say goodnight, Lisa.

Goodnight, Lisa.

Imaginary Interviewfully Yours,

lisa :) [...& lisa :)]


I can't say end this without a p.s. It just wouldn't seem right.

Whatever you say Lisa, but regardless of Chi-town protesters, you do have be at work bright and early tomorrow.

You sound like my mom! But don't you have one more funny story about work to share?

OH yeah!! See we use these pipet tips at work that are these little plastic tips for pipets.

Hence the reason you call them pipet tips?

Heh heh, yeah. Anyhoo, they come in little boxes of about 96 and we refill the boxes of them and autoclave them so theyre sterile. The problem is though that sometimes if the boxes get a little worn you have the problem where the tips stick to the dispenser rack but the dispenser doesn't stay in the box.

How's that a problem?

Well, you go to take out a pipet tip with your pipet and you end up taking the whole dispenser rack out of the box and they're no longer sterile.

That sounds annoying.

It is! And actually it happened to me the other day as I was talking to Alex and I held up my pipet with the rack of 96 tips stuck to it and proclaimed "This has got to be the most annoying thing in the world!" Except as I turned to throw them all away, the rack fell off the pipet onto the floor scattering all 96 plastic pipet tips all across the room. We both started laughing and all I could say was "I stand corrected!"

Wow Lisa, you're such a spazz!

Yeppers!! It was really funny though. Anyhoo, it's time for me to be in bed.

Goodnight all!



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