Wednesday, April 02, 2003

LoL#28: True Confessions...

I have a confession to make....

....there's a new boy in my life.

(Yeah, I figured that would get some of you reading this.) Here's the deal, I actually read an article about him in the local newspaper a couple weeks back and I was extremely intrigued. My first impression was something along the lines of way cool, fun, funky, stylish, innovative, but way out of my league. So you can imagine my surprise when I actually spotted him at the local Hollywood video! I couldn't help but think that this was somehow fated and absolutely perfect for me, but at the same time I have the MCAT coming up in three weeks and how much of a distraction this would be. I wrestled with my sensibilities for twenty minutes before giving in. I walked up to the clerk and said the words that I'll never forget or regret: "I'd like to purchase one of your Gameboy Advance SP's". (Oh...did you think I was talking about a boyfriend? Hee hee...alas, I remain perpetually - and happily - single and I'm currently working on the top ten list of why you don't need to bother with guys -hehheh- when you have a Gameboy!)

Which brings me to my second confession: I am a video game junkie. Now in my favor are the facts that I've never actually owned a gameboy before and the last time I had the newest gaming system on the market I was in the fifth or sixth grade which was when I got my Super Nintendo for Christmas. Against me is the simple fact that I love video games and my newest accquisition is in one word: SWEET! For anyone who hasn't seen the amazing marvel that is the GameBoy Advance SP it's palm size with a laptop-style flip out screen and a lighted display so you can even play it in the dark (the first time Nintendo's offerred this feature) and is compatible with any Gameboy, GameboyColor, or Gameboy Advance game ever made and it comes in silver to match my cell phone. *I can't believe I just said all that - I am SUCH A NERD!!* To quote Ferris Bueller though, "It is so choice! If you have the means I'd highly reccommend it!" (he says that about Cameron's dad's car for those that are behind on their 80's movies references) or to quote Random Drunk Guy at Union Station "Like, Wow!" (hee hee!) But yeah, that's what I did with a quarter of my federal tax return :) and I'm currently hooked on Sonic Spinball (I got the Sega Smashpack three-in-one cartridge to start me off).

Which leads to my third confession: I don't like studying for the MCAT. I have a whole system worked out for myself where I only let myself play games after I finish my work for the day on the train. And in the morning the "work" is the daily old testament readings (still working on the BIAY - Bible in a Year) and in the evenings it's one section from my MCAT review book. There's so much material though that I'm probably going to have to start reviewing on weekends too. Plus I've found that it's really tough to be reading about the digestive system or the urinary tract when you're on a train ride because it majorly makes you hungry or have to pee, respectively.

And there really is no nice transition out of a statement like that so I'll skip to my fourth confession which actually isn't a confession at all but it's a statement of fact that I'll just call a confession because that's sort of the theme of this e-mail: It's Karrie M's birthday tomorrow. I've prepared a little tribute to her but I don't want anyone to get offended that they didn't get their own tribute on their birthdays, it's just that of everyone on this list Karrie lives closest to me hence I see her more than any of you. And although I've been quoted as calling myself the Velma Kelly to her Roxie Hart, I think some of our more recent antics put us closer to a Lucy and Ethel combo. Either way, I give you:

The Best of Karrie M...
(...that due to the limitations of e-mail will not include elevator dancing, Chili's queso dip, or car-Karaoke reditions of the Jimmy Eat World song "Sweetness" and is actually technically only "the best of" what I can remember at this present time!)

*Scene: Monday Night, Steak & Shake discussing misconceptions about religion from our youth*
Karrie M on Religion:
Lisa: "I thought all Christian religions acknowledged the Pope"
Karrie: "Yeah, he's the Pope. Wears the big hat, lives in Rome...."

*Scene: Border's Books and Music*
Karrie M on Ambitions:
Lisa: (hands Karrie Guiness Book of World Records) "Find a record for us to break."
Karrie: (opening book) "Most Albino Siblings?"

*Scene: Louisville, Last day of Ignite conference, reflecting on what we'd learned - Note: I took a nasty tumble off a statue earlier in the evening*
Karrie M on Reflections:
Lisa: "Well, what really hit me the hardest was..."
Karrie: "The marble????"

*Scene: Neurobiology 303, study session*
Karrie M on Neuroscience definitions:
Lisa: "What's reafference?"
Karrie: "Affering again."

*Scene: Louisville, Hanging out in the hotel hallway*
Karrie M on......drugs?
Karrie: "Oh look the balloons multiplied!!! Caleb - That was his name! Caleb!!"
(The side note was that earlier she was trying to remember someone's name - Caleb - and somehow when staring at the balloons getting set up for New Year's she remembered but the randomness of the quote as it was spoken was quite hilarious!)

Funny funny stuff. And hopefully those aren't the you-had-to-be-there type of funny quotes because they really were all hilarious moments and they serve as yet further evidence that I am not alone in my insanity! Anyhoo, happy b-day Karrie and hope everyone's doing great getting ready for and/or recovering from spring break! Luckily the weather's finally warming up in Chi-town and there's something a little easier about getting up in the morning with the sun already up to greet me (...of course soon we have to go and do that darn daylight savings thing.) Oh well, 24 days til the MCAT and let me warn you it's only going to get crazier from here!!!

Confessionfully Yours,

lisa :)

p.s. Nothing left to say, I just wanted to be sure to have a "p.s."!!

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