Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Okay. Let's pretend we're playing Pyramid here:

I say: The second coming of Christ... A good Illini football team... Less reality TV shows.... Christmas... Your next paycheck... Cubs baseball in October... A blog by lisa...

And you say:

All I have to say is you asked for it. From here on out let the randsanity begin.

Notes about naming:
Random + Insanity = Randsanity
Blog + Guerrero = Blogger Arrow

By the way I've never really blogged before (Duh!) so if this is majorly not worth reading I apologize. And eventually there will be pictures and hyperlinks and all that goody good stuff. Patience people. It'll happen. Think of this blog as a fine wine, it'll only get better with age.

But to start off my ponderings I noticed the other day that the cryogenic vials we use in the lab to store cells at -70 C and below are made by Nalgene. And we thought they only made water bottles! I mean, seriously folks, is there anything this company can't do? I think whoever started this technology has got to be pretty smart. In fact I'd even go so far as to call him or her a Nal-genius.

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Greg said...

I haven't read your blog yet but I just wanted to brag that I'm the first person to comment!