Monday, August 28, 2006

Shop For A Cause (Just one more...)

Just needed to put in one more post about the Shop For A Cause Mart. All sales were totaled and we raised $3045.60! Our goal was $3000 (enough to build homes for two Rwandan families) and even with the rain, we did it! Congratulations team! Here's the group picture of all the volunteers too (for the Where's Waldo fans - I'm actually in this one):

Shop For A Cause Mart Volunteers


Karrie said...

Oooh... Where's Lisa?

I think you're in a brown sleeveless shirt standing behind the woman in the bright pink shirt kneeling.

Do I get a prize if I'm right???

lisa :) said...

You win a Poopinator Award!

(I still have mine!!)