Friday, October 27, 2006

Butterfly in the Sky....

...I can go twice as high! Take a look, it's in a book, it's Reading Rainbow!

Thought I'd throw in a nice 80's flashback for those that grew up with the wonderful world of educational TV on PBS. And for those that weren't allowed to watch much TV at a young age maybe that's a good thing. But regardless, this post comes with a special shoutout to all my peops that fondly remember Levar Burton from a kids show as well as roles like Lt. Geordi La Forge or Kunta Kinte.

Really though, this has nothing to do with Reading Rainbow, Levar Burton or the 80's. Rather, I wanted to point out a new blog feature I added. I've been a member and fan of Library Thing for quite some time now and you've probably noticed the "Last Five Books I Read" feature I added to the blog. Well now I added a Search My Library feature as well! If you don't see it to the right of this entry it probably means you're using Internet Explorer which for some reason likes to place my sidebar material at the bottom of the blog - scroll down and it should be there - go figure.

In case anyone wants to trade book recommendations, it's a pretty good way to see if I've read something on a particular topic or by a particular author. Go ahead and try it out. You can enter a title (ex: There Are No Children Here, Brimstone), author (ex: Mikhail Bulgakov, Neil Gaiman), or even a tag (ex: nonfiction, thriller, fantasy, Christmas, genetics, classic, youth, architecture, Italy, Africa, chocolate, pirates, etc) and it should* return a list of books I've read in the past few years. Also, you can run a search on your favorite book and if it doesn't come up, email me if you think I should read it! There's a few books in there tagged "want to own" that are on my watch list of things to read in the near future - and a few books are grouped as collections instead of individually (Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Icewind Dale Trilogy) - but otherwise I'll have something to say about anything that comes up. Enjoy!

*A note on the search feature, feel free to have fun with it. The tags I listed are actual tags I've used but there are plenty other topics, subjects and even characters (try Pendergast, Mallory or Dresden). Also if you enter a multi-word search use quotes or the returns will hit either word - for example historical fiction will return hits for historical and/or fiction where as "historical fiction" will only hit books tagged historical fiction. Similarly with authors a Charles Dickens search will give books by Charles Dickens and Charles DeLint but a "Charles Dickens" search will only return works by Charles Dickens.

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Anonymous said...

...I can go anywhere!
Friends to know, and ways to grow,
A Reading Rainbow!

I can be anything!
Take a look, it's in a book,
Reading Rainbow!

Reading Rainbow!

Rock on - 80's and 80's kids shows are awesome!