Thursday, October 26, 2006

Meeting Bob

So by now you all know that I'm a huge nerd. I'm not ashamed of that fact and I'm even proud to admit that I haven't grown out of my teenage obsession with fantasy novels. Partly because a well-written book is just that, regardless of genre or target audience. Over the years I've chosen a favorite fantasy author and I know I've lauded him before but truly R.A. Salvatore is someone I consider a literary genius. What makes this story cooler than my past rants about his new books is that last night I got to meet him at the Borders store in Schaumburg!! Okay, maybe you're not jumping for joy with me but understand a few things - I've been reading his novels for more than a decade; I now can list him as an amazing author and a really nice guy; and I am currently reading not just a brand new copy of Road of the Patriarch, but a brand new signed copy of Road of the Patriarch! The best part was that he had a question and answer session before the signing and shared some information about his current projects - including a new novel to be released next summer rather than in the fall! I thought long and hard about what to ask when he began taking questions - and seriously, I could probably sit through an entire meal with the guy and not run out of things I'd love to ask (like what does the A. stand for?). I whittled down my mental checklist and asked him a question about his trademark dualistic nature of writing (he varies action/adventure sequences with introspective, poignant moments and the balance of these styles bring lots of color and uniqueness to his books - the reader connects more with the characters and is often challenged with unanswered philosophical questions). He replied that he enjoys writing the adventurous parts but that he sees the reflective portions as giving more meaning to his books. I found it exceptionally cool that his response mirrored my own, reader's standpoint, opinion. Anyhoo, it was a really fun evening and now displaces Jim McMahon in my lab and seeing Vince Vaughn at the Museum of Science and Industry as my favorite celebrity experience! Plus my train rides for the rest of the week will be made much more enjoyable by my new book... my new signed book!! :)

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