Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Alpha to Zulu

The tradition of Stupid Holidays I love to Celebrate continues:

Happy Over-And-Out Day!

I couldn't tell you who originally invented this one but I always credit it to my friend Lauren cause I'm pretty sure she's the one who first told me about it. For anyone who's a little bit slow, it's Over-And-Out Day because it's October 4th so when you write the date in numbers it's 10/4, as in the radio command "10-4, Over and Out" (which makes me wonder if we were in Europe if we would celebrate this on April 10th instead...) Some argue that "10-4 Over and Out" is just a hollywoodized interpretation of radio language (in CB speak since Over is "message received" and Out is "ending communication", they are typically not used together), it's still fun to use the day as an excuse to insert some alphas, bravos, and niners into your everyday conversation. Enjoy!

lima india sierra alpha :)

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