Friday, October 04, 2002

LoL #6: Over and Out Day

Happy Over and Out Day!!

In the tradition of pointless, frivilous, unofficial holidays (I hope everyone had some fun on "Talk like a Pirate Day") I want to let you all know that today is officially Over and Out Day!! I don't know who first claimed it as an official unofficial holiday (?) but I first heard about it from my super spiffy former roomie Lauren. See it's Over and Out Day because it's October 4th....10/4...get it?? Ten Four Over and Out????

Okay so it's lame but it's also fun and kind of amusing. In fact just for the insanity of it everyone should talk on a walkie talkie at some time today. Or since that's a bit challenging just make a cell phone call and pretend you're on a walkie talkie (throw in a few alpha bravo charlie's and you'll sound really cool).

Now unfortunately Over and Out Day might be the most amusing part of this e-mail (sorry, Karrie the Oktoberfest hilarity and the Boxer Boogie just can't be described in words) cause with a couple exceptions I've had a rather mellow week. But before I go into all that it's shoutout time:

First a shoutout to the super spiffy Mike B who turns 23 tomorrow!! And Happy Birthday wishes also go out to the way cool Heather M whose birthday is sometime in the first couple weeks of October (my apologies for not remembering the exact day!). And also a super spiffy random shoutout to the wonderfully sunshiney Jacklyn D! And one more shoutout to anyone who likes Chuay Ghan better than Sook Jai or even knows what the heck Chuay Ghan and Sook Jai are.

DUDE - the coolest song just came on the radio. It's "Shiny Happy People" by REM. One of those songs that you just can't help smile at. :) Random fact is that I actually listed this as my most favorite song when I was in 6th grade. I have no idea why I remember that but it's a way fun song from back when REM was a fun pop bubblegum style band and before they got freaky and Michael Stipe lost all his hair. Just Kidding. I still like REM. Always have and probably always will. But yeah 6th grade....LONG TIME AGO. 1991 or 92....dude I feel old now. The weird thing too is that this gives me the perfect transition to what I really wanted the whole point of this e-mail to be. I think I'm turning back into a 22-year old version of my junior high self.

6th grade Lisa:
favorite movie: The Goonies
favorite band: REM
favorite food: Mexican or Italian
favorite fast food: Taco Bell
favorite free time activities: reading, running, rollerskating, hanging out with friends
favorite subject: science
life's ambition: become a doctor

So maybe REM's not topping the charts as my favorite anymore but everything else is the same and over the past month I've decided that I've returned to my junior high ambition and do want to go to med school. I think I only quasi know what I'm getting into (this goes with the decisions I mentioned in the last e-mail) cause it's gonna be a pretty major commitment that's gonna affect all my life circumstances for the next 5-10 years or so (time, money, relationships, work situation, living arrangements, etc.). But yeah, it's been a long time coming and it's time for me to just admit that it's what I should be doing and not panic about how it's gonna happen or if it's even feasible. First step - MCAT in April. Six months away.

Anywho, I guess it's time for me to make good on the promise too that I said this would be a shorter e-mail. And I know it's really not THAT short, but I could ramble on much longer here and to prove that this is shorter than it could be I won't include a p.s.


lisa :)
(a.k.a. lola igloo simon alpha)

p.s. I lied. It just didn't seem right signing without one. Love to all y'all!!

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