Monday, October 28, 2002

LoL#10: Things that make you go HA!

So I'm gonna make this e-mail a little shorter than my normal random rants and ramblings. I've discovered concrete evidence to support an often stated theory that many of you and I'd say a good 99% of all people that know me believe to be true:

Statement: Lisa is easily amused.


Exhibit A: Words
Did you ever notice that there are some words that just make you laugh? Maybe it's just me but "snood", "marf", "sunglassify", and "tormentia" will always make me giggle. And if you don't think any of those are funny....I leave you with "poopinator".

Exhibit B: Movies
Okay so I think Death to Smoochy is one of the most randomly crack induced movies I've seen in some time but it cracks me up. Even more random though are the cheesy 80's movies that constantly crack me up with their excessive cheese. And yes, I did watch "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (the movie) this weekend. Come on, it's hilarious! And actually what's funnier is that we turned it on because the movie "Supergirl" was deemed too cheesy and too 80's....

Exhibit C: Caffeine & Sleep Deprivation
Everything's funny under these circumstances. Especially the idea of me consuming so much caffeine that I become so potently hyper that I'm a sort of "Caffeine Patch" able to transmit caffeine to other people just by touch.

Exhibit D: The Free Cell Icon Dude
This is like that piece of evidence that once you hear it you're just going to say case closed, Lisa is easily amused (as if this is really a point of debate). Anywho, open up the game Free Cell on your computer. (Come on just do it even if you hate the game) Before you even start a new game move your mose cursor back and forth straight between the free cells on the top left and the cells you play to on the top right. As you do this though watch the little King icon dude in the center. He watches you!!! I have zero explanation as to why I find it hilarious but stop to consider the fact that some programmer decided to make the little icon dude change directions to face your cursor and maybe you'll laugh too!

easily amusedfully yours,

lisa :)

p.s. A couple copyrights here:
"Snood" is a video game but it's become a noun, verb and interjection thanks to Lauren. "Marf" is Mike's own unique creation - still seeking a definition. "Sunglassification" and it's subsequent conjugations tions are attributed solely to James. "Tormentia" is the nounification of the word "torment" and is on record as the first official "Tonyism" (where "Tonyism" became the second official Tonyism). Last but most hilariously not least "poopinator" is quoted from Karrie as the less technical substitute for the veterinary device known as a fecalizer (Coming soon Poopinator Key Chains, Poopinator Pen Holders, Poopinator Necklaces, and Official Poopinator Award Statues simply for the reason that I'm way too amused by the word "Poopinator").

p.p.s. If anyone has any random stupid/silly things that for no apparent reasons crack them up please share them with me and I may possibly send out an ammendment to this LoL with all of your contributions!

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