Tuesday, October 08, 2002

LoL #7: Morning's Ickyness

Yes It's time for another Lisa Rant on the all out yuckiness of mornings. See, it's not even 9:30 am yet and I've been up for three hours. THREE HOURS!!! That's just not right. Especially with this whole October less hours of daylight thing going on. As if it's not hard enough to get out of bed pre-seven o'clock, now you want me to do it without even a hint of sunlight???? I don't think so! There should be a new rule about not being allowed to be up before the sun. HEL-LO, people! Day has NOT started yet!!!!!!

*Sigh* But alas, here I am at work on a cold Tuesday morning and I'm facing the ultimate problem that my body is awake before my brain. Normally I would be chugging coffee but lately my good friend caffeine has been making me kinda sick so I'm trying to cut back. Yes, I, the Queen of Caffeine am cutting back (please note that "cutting back" is nowhere near "giving up"). I think my biggest problem is that I had too much fun over the weekend. It always makes the week that much harder to start. It's what we call the "fun hangover" - meaning that you had too much fun, not necessarily involving alcohol - over the weekend and don't want to get up on Monday. But yeah on Saturday I went to a wedding of some friends of Mike's and it was just a total blast. The official quote of the day was a remark about the vanilla ice cream dessert "It tastes like wedding". And I'll refrain from sharing the other amusing stories about Random Drunk Guy (there's one at every party...or at least every party with an open bar).

But now it's Tuesday (I don't quite even know what happened to Monday....) and I'm seriously I'm having one of those weird brain dead daydreaming mornings.

On the train I actually found myself pondering such questions as if Ian McKellan as Gandalf (in Lord of the Rings) went up against Ian McKellan as Magneto (in X-Men), who would win? And then sanity slips in and says that such a fight would never occur because as far as I know he doesn't have a twin. But then you start considering the possibilities of cloning him but then you decide that since he's actually SIR Ian McKellan he probably would be too dignified to get in a fight with himself in the first place. Then you just boil the whole thing down to a much simpler debate of who's cooler and Gandalf wins hands down. Unless you take into consideration pity points for Magneto's traumatic childhood, then it's closer but I still vote Gandalf. But since it's a coolness contest you then have to consider other LoTR possibilities like who's cooler: Sean Astin as Sam Gamgee or Sean Astin as Mikey Walsh in The Goonies? (and actually the jury's still out on this one...but leaning towards the Goonies...)

*Sigh* Anywho, morning is morning and I probably shouldn't be spending quite this much of it on the computer. Hope y'all have a wonderful week (and go ahead an gloat if you're one of those who's first class is 10am....your time will come.) ;)

quasi-good morning,

lisa :)

p.s. Okay since I mentioned REM in my last e-mail I just have to say how annoying/bizzarre the radio at work is. Somehow it always ends up on light rock (Windy 100.3 for all you Chicago-area folk) and it's the sappiest cheesiest music you've ever heard. They have a play list of maybe 30 or 40 songs a day and with the exception of the occasional John Mayer, REM or Counting Crows it never extends beyond the realm of Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Elton John, and everyone's favorite "no-talent ass clown", Michael Bolton. And it's always super sappy love songs. Not that I mind love songs in small doses but this is the kinda thing that if you were coming off a bad break up could probably push you to the point of suicidal!! And when you don't want to be awake in the first place, crap music is basically adding insult to the injury. Okay done complaining now. Time to go transfect endothelial cells!!

....and I know it's not Friday yet....

............but is it almost NOON????????????

:) <------ me, still smiling and hoping you are too!

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