Monday, November 04, 2002

LoL #10.5: More things that make you go HA!

Disclaimer: Yeah I know it's out of order but I just realized that I forgot to send this out last week. I figured I'd send it now too seeing as how #11 is a little more ranty than I usually am!

First off, thanks to everyone who responded to my request for "Things that make you go HA!". To share a few replies (in the order received with no comment on their relative funniness):

1) Exudists: no, not nudists, exudists as in people who exude. Like me exuding caffeine. Or Jessica and her friend Ellen who exude happiness (or was it hyperness...probably both).

2) The Barundi Wand: no, I won't explain except to say that it's pure unadulterated evil (with a Brittish accent) - not to be confused with The President of Barundi...that's a whole nother story

3) TV theme songs without words that are great to sing along to: Law and Order is great in this category, as is Survivor which only sort of has words, but best is the theme to ER with the little "nyew nyew" part that Lauren always makes fun of me for singing along with cause I can never get perfectly in sync with the theme

4) The "Huh?" guy in Indiana Jones: Okay everyone go obtain a copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark, now there's a scene towards the end where Indy's in some car chase scene (I think he's going after the Nazi's with the Ark?) but the jeeps they're driving go crashing through a village under construction or something and there's all these dudes on ladders and one of the ladders gets hit sending the poor climing dude crashing onto Harrison Ford's windshield. This really wouldn't be hilarious except that the dude looks directly through the windshield (and thus right into the camera) with a stunned "Huh?" look before taking a tumble off the car.

5) Infomercials: Can you do anything but laugh at them??? I'm still thinking that the Revo Brush is super cool cause I can get one for me, one for a friend, one for my neighbor's dog along with attachment sets for a number of hair styles including wavy, curly, straight, mohawked, 80's frizzed, crimped, flipped or even go bald all for forty five easy payments of $666 along with a three minute warranty contract that they'll throw in if I opt to sell them either my soul or my first born child - I mean, I'm thinking about calling now! How can anyone resist this deal??!?! [On the serious side the Revo Brush is an actual infomercial product that's a psycho spinning brush thing and I'm really concerned about the people using it on the show because honestly if you have difficulties with a standard round brush I think one that spins is just an all out evil thing to try. But they did promise to throw in "A Magic Comb"...what's up with that? What's so magic about it? Can you just wave it over your hair and get a style? ...actually that would be pretty sweet....] There's also a store in the Fox Valley Mall called the As Seen on TV store where all their products are marked with the little red "As Seen On TV" logo. I like walking through there cause it only takes a few minutes to feel like you just watched eight hours of TV at 3am. :)

That's about it for now. Thanks again to all who shared funny insights and stories.

Have Fun & Keep Smiling,

lisa :)

p.s. One more funny thing to share: My car. See, a while back my mom got a new car so my dad took my mom's car and I'm buying my dad's car. Somehow I've had a lot of really random/ funny conversations involving this simple fact. And there's some blah blahs at parts I can't quite remember but here's the jist of a few:

Me: blah blah Saturn is toast...I'm buying my dad's Lincoln.
Karrie: What kind of Lincoln?
Me: A black one.
Karrie: (rolled eye look)
Me: (moment of realization) OH...heh meant model....

Me: Hey, once I buy dad's car can I get a license plate that says "ABE"?
My mom: Abe???
Me: Yeah! I want it to be an "ABE" Lincoln!


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