Thursday, November 14, 2002

LoL#12: Nothing to say...yet I'm still talking

Okay I really have nothing of any consequential importance to say right now, but I'm a bit early to work so I thought I'd fill in my time - at least til someone else in my lab gets here - with this week's random update.

I got a flu shot yesterday. My arm hurts like...well it hurts a lot. I wasn't gonna get one too because the last year that I did is the only year in the past 10 I can remember that I actually got sick with the flu (yes, most of you have heard about my literally vomitous Valentine's Day 2000). But regardless I figured that Chicago winter combined with working at a hospital and taking mass transportation every day might be cause to try to insure myself against the flu.

And I'm just now realizing that my flu shot is by no means the most anecdotal part of my week. (Is anecdotal even a word? anecdoteable?? anecdotifiable?? whatever.) Regardless, here's my week:

Monday: it was monday...enough said.

Tuesday: I received an official Poopinator Award recognizing my acheivment in the field of Being able to laugh at almost anything. How cool is that??

Wednesday: I thought I had learned to stop asking the hypothetical question "what else could make this day crazier?" but I made the mistake of asking it yesterday and cursed myself with way too much going nuts. In short, the flu shot, two major experiments, journal club, sushi outing for lunch, an unexpected phone call, and the return of Jim.

Since the next question is obviously who's Jim, I'll spare you asking it and say that Jim's the guy who had my job before me and left to go work for some high profile biotech company only to get laid off a week after I'd been hired as his replacement. Awkwardness anyone??? To make matters odder everbody loves Jim. Seriously, he should have his name changed to Raymond. Ever since the day I started I've heard how awesome Jim is and since he got laid off there's been an essence of Jim that's been hovering around the lab. To make a long story short, he showed up yesterday and got invited to lunch with us (us being me and three of the other ladies I work with). No really that's not awkward, "Hi, you must be Jim. I'm Lisa... thanks for the job???" He actually seems like a pretty nice guy too which leaves me with inevitable feelings of "oh my gosh I stole this poor guy's job".

So after convincing myself that his unemployment was not my fault or my problem I went home to an incredibly bizzarre conversation with my mom about an incredibly FALSE rumor that she heard from my aunt based on a three minute conversation with my cousin (and Jenny, let me know if you have Beth's e-mail address - I have some things to say to that girl! and do me a favor and DO NOT believe anything she or your mom is currently reporting about my life and future plans). It wouldn't have been so bad too except that my mom believed what she heard. My aunt convinced her that I had confided in my cousin something that I didn't want to share with my mom.

Grrrrrrrrrr.... So yeah, I'm currently seeking out weed killer for the rumor weeds sprouting up all around my family. But yeah it's Thursday now - WOOHOO! and aside from my typical evening plans of Survivor/CSI/ER my mom wants to go out to a midnight preview of the new Harry Potter movie. Seriously, this is her idea not mine. Not that I'm objecting of course but in considering my spastic spontanaeity, I now see where I get it from.
Anywho, I should probably start getting some work done now.

Harry Potterfully yours,

lisa :)

p.s. Sorry this e-mail isn't very amusing but I did hear some funny stuff on the radio recently:

news report in the morning last week: Winona Ryder didn't take the stand in her shoplifting trial...probably cause it was bolted to the floor.

random commercial for a fitness club:

Announcer Voice: What exactly is Pilates?
Big Booming Voice: I AM PILATES!!
Announcer: It's not a Greek God.
Snobby Voice: I'd like a large Pilates.
Announcer: It's not a froo froo drink.
Paniked Voice: Doctor, I think I have pilates!!!
Announcer: It's not a disease. Pilates is the new fitness craze sweeping Chicago....blah blah blah

I dunno it made me laugh but if you're not amused just see the previous note about why I won the Poopinator Award. Happy Thursday!


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