Friday, March 31, 2006

"God is not a Republican... Or a Democrat"

I finished an awesome book yesterday.

I'm still processing a lot of what's in it but regardless of your political/religious views (or lack thereof) consider it highly recommended. It's a really interesting critique of government in America today - both the Left and Right get a lot of heat, maybe even more on the latter - while urging people of faith (any and all faiths) to act for common good. I picked the book up from the library after watching a DVD of a speech Wallis gave at a CCDA (Christian Community Development Association) conference. Some of you may recognize his name as a head honcho with Sojourners or from Call to Renewal or just as one of Bono's friends, but even if you've never heard of him you'd probably think that his views make a lot of sense. One of his most quoted points is that there are over 2,100 verses in the Bible about helping the poor, yet social justice and helping the underprivileged is rarely on the hearts and minds of American "Christians". I don't want to make this entry too lengthy but if you've read the book feel free to mention your favorite part or point (or your least favorite part and biggest critique) in the comment section and we'll let dialogue ensue from there. And if you haven't read the book, you should.

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