Tuesday, April 22, 2003

LoL #33: First Sigs First

****************** (Private information removed)

First sigs first. Meaning let's put my "sig" file (aka the signature that's tagged to the end of all my e-mails) at the start of this message because *drum roll please* it contains my NEW address and home phone number!!!

And for anyone who's a little slow that means that I moved last weekend to the super spiffy ******* subdivision of The Ville!!! I've noticed too that there's an undocumented law about moving furniture that states that the weight of the furniture being moved is in direct proportion to the number of people that must comment on what the correct way to move the item is. (AKA: The heavier the object, the more people you get telling you how to move it.)

And now a shoutout now to the super awesome coordinator of U-Haul truck rental and my overall generally organized fellow "Summer"Girl housemate Karrie M. My second shoutout goes to the unrivaled coolness of Miss Lauren "I-make-awesome-mix-CD's-and-I'll-still-help-you-move-even-if-it's-at-8am-on-a-Saturday-and-why-in-the-world-did-I-tell-your-mom-I-prefer-sausage-to-bacon" J (and no that's not her real middle name). Third shoutout and the award for Most Likely To Never Call Me Again When He's In Town goes to Tony G who got "I'm Moving" and "Yes, PLEASE!!" as answers to the innocent phone call questions of "What's up?" and "Need a hand?". And since I'm on a role, a shoutout to The Quatratic Formula herself, Emily H with my extreme apologies for not emphasizing the*** Rd. part of the directions to the house!

And for a little more traditional flavor of shoutouts, Happy Birthdays to the Princesses of P-Ville Erika "Princess Wooka" A (last week) and Kristy "Batman" B (next week)! Karrie and I decided we have to cook you girls dinner some time this summer - Call us! And also a shoutout to U of I's Class of 2003! Congratulations to all! Let me know if y'all have new e-mail addresses or contact info or whatever!

(Oh and in case anyone's curious too this is LoL#33 but there was offially no LoL #32 because for some crack induced reason there were two #31's.)

Anyhoo, life's going pretty good these days. Work's been cool except that my boss is in Russia for three weeks so now all of the actual analytical THINKING parts of the experiments are solely up to me. It's a graduation of sorts in that I'm no longer a mindless lab monkey. :) Heh heh, just kidding I'm not a lab monkey it's just that normally I consult with the PhD types before embarking on my own design for a week long $1600 project. Yeah - now they tell me I'm "responsible". Scary word, ain't it? I still haven't heard back about the MCATs and probably won't for another month or so. Haven't thought any more about if med school is the right path for me either. I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. (Actually the phrase should be I'll CROSS that bridge, but burning bridges seems more appropriate for one as indecisive as I). Oddly enough too, I think this whole new house thing has given me a sense of stability that makes me realize "Hey, I may actually be HERE for a while" which is a pleasantly good thing (regardless of lack of parking at the train station; running toilets; the fact that every suburbanite guy I fall for takes up residence in some other part of the state/country/world; and the annoyance of devoting a massive portion of my monthly income to a little thing called rent).

On a totally unrelated note, combining the facts that the school year is technically over and we don't yet have internet hook up in the new place, there will most likely be a decrease in the frequency of the LoL's this summer. If anyone wants to be removed from the list or has an address change for the summer or for permanent, let me know.

Sig-fully Yours,

lisa :)

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