Sunday, April 06, 2003

LoL#31: Mayday! MayDay!! May Day...

So that's actually "May day" as in the first LoL on a day that is in May. Sorry to disappoint any of you who were hoping for a story about a distress signal or my run in with super cool pop star John MAYer (...and then I woke up...)

But yeah it's May. For some of you that news brings about the ultimate moment of "OH! $*@#! It's time for finals!" For others it's a sigh of relief that spring MAY actually be here. For me it brings about the ultimate sentiment of "Hey, it's no longer April, I have to flip my calender".

(And let me just say I ended April on the coolest of cool notes with a concert at the Allstate arena last Wednesday. This guy you may have heard of by the name of Billy Joel put on a really great show and so did his Brittish friend he was touring with, Sir Elton John.... heh heh heh... IT ROCKED!)

But yeah April went bye-bye. As did the MCAT. (*insert sigh of relief*) I won't get my scores for two or three months but I'm super glad that it's done with. Now I just have to get through "Serve" - aka the massive service project that I'm organizing with church (May 10th) that at this point has become the type of hassle of a volunteering nightmare - and then I can actually relax and be all glad when it's over.

Oh and sometime in May I'm moving. Not to anywhere too excitingly far away but just around the corner to The Ville (note: Naperville is not "The Ville", Warrenville is "The Ville"; Naperville is "The Thrill"; Aurora of course is "A-Town"; Plainfield is "The Field"; etc etc etc)

But enough about May and it's craziness (except for cool movies like X-Men2 - which I saw Thursday at midnight - and Matrix 2...can we say SWEET?!?!) let's talk about vocabulary. Those of you that have seen the saga of crazy lisa e-mails through the lunch bunch days know that I like to rant about crazy words and phrases. This week's gems of the English language are "maters" "nooners" and "Fun times, noodle salad".

Allow me to explain.

"Maters", pronounced "may-ters", is an abbreviated form of tomato(e)s. There's a sort of logic that goes from how potato(e)s are also called "taters" then tomato(e)s should also be able to be called "maters" (just don't disgust yourself by pondering such things as "Mater Tots"). I don't know that there's an official origin to be cited here but I'm giving all credit to my sister Laura and her pet turtle Steve. In her own words, "Steve likes the maters."

And along the same line of new and interesting words for common fruits, bananas are now officially to be known as "nooners". This comes from the good old days of being roommates with Lauren J along with the old girl scout song "I like to eat...." The song lyrics are basically just "I like to eat apples and bananas" but each verse substitutes all the vowel sounds for a,e,i,o,and u so on the u verse it comes out as "OO luke tu ooot ooples und boonoonoos" and combining the funiness of the word "boonoonoos" with how some neighbors of ours always called bananas "Nanners", Lauren and I coined the phrase "Nooners" - which is way more fun than "Boonoonoos" and "Naners" combined.....well, actually it technically IS the combination of those two....

Anywho, the last phrase is from a friend of mine at work and noone has any clue as to how it came about or who originated it, but the phrase is just "Fun times, noodle salad." It works really well too with people who say "Fun times" or "Good times" a lot. Anytime anyone says either of those just respond with "noodle salad". Yes this is sure to bring about strange looks and the obvious question of "what did you just say??" To which you appropriately respond "Fun times, noodle salad". The funny part about this one is that if you start saying it often enough, it catches on and pretty soon everyone's saying it without really having any clue to the reasoning behind it other than that it's just a fun nonsensical phrase to insert into unexciting breaks in the conversation.


I know.

I'm looney tunes. I know too that I've been really bad about keeping in touch with people lately - super sorry but it's been a really crazy week/month/life. Hope all is going great for everyone though. Good luck with finals to those of you that have them!!

Good times, noodle saladfully Yours,

lisa :)

p.s. It was brought to my attention that there was a quote on the quote list that said "Food is good food." and through an accidental ommission by me typing it up Tony G's name was left off of it. So for anyone who cares, that astute observation was uniquely his.

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