Friday, April 25, 2003

LoL#31: MCAT

MCAT - it might stand for My Cranium's About ToExplode but most people say it means Medical College Admissions Test aka a most evil exam that I'm taking tomorrow.

I was riding the train home with my brother on Wednesday and I had my MCAT review book out trying to be diligently studious. My brother always the joker turns to me and asks "Why is it an M-Cat? Are there A through L Cats too?" I rolled my eyes with my typical groan reserved for David's puns. And he comes back with another question "Does an MCAT have an mlife?" to which I had to respond "Actually I think an MCAT would have 9 m-lives."

It was pretty funny, but then again when you're trying to furiously cram into your brain in a month everything you've learned (and forgotten) from the past four years there's a lot that's pretty amusing.

Like Karrie's neice comparing her newly accquired Strawberry Shortcake Doll to me. That's funny stuff. Short bright red hair and freckles.... I guess there's a resemblence. ;) She got the doll for Easter and I had just met her the day before. We all went to the Shedd Aquarium which was cool. I had never been there and they have a cool new coral reef and shark exhibit. It was way cool. The only thing I didn't really like was that they have Beluga whales there and I kind of ethically object to keeping whales in captivity.

Before I get too serious though, Karrie has a brother-in-law named Norman. We were talking about how it's one of those less common names and Karrie asked how his mom came up with "Norman" and he said he was named for his Uncle Earl.

Enough said.

Anyhoo, the test is tomorrow so I'm trying not to stress out but something about it being a test - no matter how much I realize that it doesn't REALLY matter - makes me a little anxious. I'm sure you'll all wnat to respond with "You'll do great!" but you don't have to because in all honesty that's kind of a load of crap unless you're psychic and can magically read my future score but I do thank you for the prayers and well wishes anyways. I'll do my best - cause that's all I can ever do - and it'll all be over soon.

And then there's rollerskating.

MCAT-fully Yours,

lisa :)

p.s. I don't know if this e-mail makes any sense but it's been a super crazy week so you can expect next week's LoL to be back to traditional silly spiffy lisa rambling style and probably length too.

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